Certification and Training Web Site

Welcome to Idaho’s Operator Certification and Training Web Site. This site has been created to help you earn and keep your operator certificate, whether you are new to operator certification, or you are a veteran Operator. There is a wealth of certification and training information available at this web site which we encourage you to explore. This site acquaints you with who the training and certification providers are in Idaho, as well as agency contacts and professional operator organizations.

Certification Information

Find out about individual operator certification requirements by clicking on the Drinking Water Certification Rules, or the Certification Guidelines push buttons. Learn how to classify your water/wastewater treatment plant and how to apply for certification exams by clicking on Certification Application Forms and using the on-line plant worksheets, and pull down application form. Find the deadlines for applications and test dates by clicking on Certification Test Exam Schedule.

For Certification issues, please contact the Idaho Water and Wastewater Operators Certification Board, Inc. (IWWOCB) office in Lewiston.

Training Information

Training focuses on the training provided by Brown Environmental, Inc. and directs you to the schedule of upcoming workshops. You can register on-line for workshops by clicking on Sign Up for Workshop Training.

For training needs or issues or Water/Wastewater Idaho Operator Training Program workshops information, please contact the Nampa Office of Brown Environmental, Inc. Click here for Training website
E-Mail Pat Brown or E-Mail Sandra Southern

Other Technical, Training and Education Resources … … …

In addition to the state supported Idaho Operator Training Program, there are many other technical, training, and education resources available to you. We encourage you to check out the Links to Related Sites push button to discover the variety of other water and wastewater training opportunities available to you. Some training organizations have web sites; if so, the internet address is provided for you to click on and link with the other web site. For those organizations not having web sites, telephone numbers and contact individuals have been provided for you.

Miscellaneous Operator Need-to-Know Information

Find out about current job listing around the state, used equipment that is for sale, and help wanted ads for water systems wanting to contract with a certified operator by pushing the Classifieds menu button. The latest list of Idaho operators that have passed their certification test is found by clicking on Certification Exam Results.

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